Banzai Surfer v1.1.1 APK

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Banzai Surfer - screenshot thumbnail
Banzai Surfer - screenshot thumbnail
Banzai Surfer - screenshot thumbnail


Ride rippin' waves, dodge great whites, and dive with the dolphins, when you play the best surfing survival game on Android!
** Detailed Description ** 
Banzai Surfer sends you on a speedy surf trip over tremendous waves: Escape from voracious sharks, find sunken treasures and ride on dolphins while you master wave by wave in this breathtaking mix of endless runner and surfing simulation! 
By tapping or releasing the screen with just one finger, you can jump, dive, paddle and accelerate your surfer with astonishingly high precision. Countless achievements and power-ups wait to be unlocked during the game. 
Awesome locations like Easter Island, Volcano and Emirates as well as many cool surfboard designs ensure that Banzai Surfer will not get boring too soon for anyone!
** Features ** 
- Intuitive and precise one-finger-control 
- Customize your surfboard 
- Unlock new exciting surfing spots 
- Customize your game experience by upgrading six different skills with each five levels 
- Game Center leaderboards 
- New zones, designs and items on the way with future updates

Requires Android

1.5 And Up


1. Install Apk And Play 





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